Antillean is a décor and home goods company that draws its primary inspiration from the colors, craft traditions and vibrancy of the Caribbean. Our products will help you to feel enveloped in the warmth of the Caribbean, and they will create a sense of Caribbean chic and Caribbean living, wherever in the world you may be. We do this by working with practitioners in the region to encourage, develop, revitalize, and sustain the craft traditions of the Caribbean. Consequently, an entire section of Antillean is dedicated to the handmade and the folk and craft traditions of the region. This section is called Creole.

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  1. Frances Coke says:

    Hi Jacqueline, I am so happy to see you preserving these aspects of our heritage. I remember the work from Allsides workroom so well. But I was fascinated to see that the rugs are getting new life. My grandmother (a devoted advocate of craft in Port Maria and Galina (St. Mary), first worked at Designs for Living (somehow connected to Noel Coward) in Port Maria and she had us (her grandchildren) and young women from all over the districts learning straw crafts as members of her groups (church and women’s federation). They made most items from plaited straw and I know these memories led directly to a few of my poems. I do remember making these rugs that she called hairpin rugs because we made them from scraps (left over from sewing). We cut the scraps into strips and then attached the strips to crocus bags cut in rectangles and other shapes. We used the hairpins to make holes in the crocus bags and then we strung the strips (as many different colours as possible) through and then tied them in knots on the “wrong” side. I don’t know if this is the method used in the mats in your shop, but the products looked the same. Keep up your great preservation work and all your other adventures!


    1. jacqueline says:

      Hi Frances, thanks for this moving and loving response. It is so appreciated.


  2. Angele Nunez says:

    Do you have a show room?


    1. jacqueline says:

      Hi Angela, no there is no show room.


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